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***Update from the Owner***

Thinking about snow removal services for the upcoming winter?  Now is the time to call, email or message us before it's too late.  We do our best to accommodate everyone's needs however our priority is to service our contract and auto service customers first.  Calling during a storm is not going to get service quickly and depending on the amount of accumulation, may cost more too.

Stay safe this winter and plan ahead.



Has flooding damaged your driveway?  Send us a message to see how we can help!  We're now offering payment plans to help get your driveway back in order and take a little bit of added stress away.  

Check out our gallery on the amazing transformation of this driveway!

   Check out our employment page for details or to apply!  

Thank you for visiting Jay's Snow Plowing.  Please check out our Servicing page to see everything we provide.   Most questions can be answered on our FAQ link at the top of the page however if you have any other questions, please send us an email, call or text and we will be happy to answer them.