Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shur-Pak?

Shur-Pak is a mixture of stone, sand and fine particles which, when compacted, forms a hard and erosion-resistant surface. Very popular for use on dirt roads, driveways and paths. 

Do you provide service for home owner associations?

Of course!  We'll be happy to provide a site visit to discuss the specific needs of the home owners and generate a contract that fits your needs.  We don't classify this as a residential or a commercial contract so we call it a "hybrid" of the two. 

How much does it cost?

Each household will have an estimate that is tailored to their needs.  Driveway plowing starts at $55 per plow.  This includes our standard service of cleaning in front of the garage as well as around the mailbox and applies to smaller driveways that have no large obstacles or steep hills.  This price is only valid for snow less than 6 inches and doesn't include sanding.

How does it work?

Name, Address and email or telephone number is all we'll need to get started.  Please see our service options section for more information about the services we provide. 

Once we have the information, we'll create an estimateIf you agree to the estimate, we'll provide the service. Every estimate is tailored to the individual household and their specific needs.  Auto-Service and Contracts require a formal estimate to be sent and agreed upon prior to us starting the services.

How Do I pay?

Once the service is complete, an invoice will be sent to your email with a picture of the finished product.  Through our secured link, you can click on "pay now" and enter Payment information.  Payments may be made to the driver at the time of service as well.  Both options will generate an invoice that is emailed to you.  

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we not only accept all major credit cards but also Apple/Google pay as well

Do you offer any discounts?

Jay's Snow Plowing is grateful for Frontline workers, First Responders, Senior Citizens and our Military Veterans both past and present.  We happily offer 10% off to any of those members.  

What does "Fully Insured" mean?

Jay's Snow Plowing is fully insured to plow your driveway, road and paths on your property, association or commercial location.  This means that we carry enough insurance on each truck, our employees with workers compensation as well as a general liability policy to protect both our business and our customers should someone get hurt or something gets damaged.  Insurance is very important in this line of work.  Hiring someone to plow who doesn't carry business or commercial insurance can leave you with the bill if something gets damaged.  That is why we have over a million-dollar policy on each truck and another million-dollar policy in case someone gets hurt.  Our insurance can be expanded to cover more if our commercial accounts deem it necessary.  We're always looking for ways to improve efficiency and cut costs to save our customers money.  This is not the place we do it.  

What if I'm not happy with the service you provide?

We do our best to provide excellent service at a fair price.  Should you feel that the service we provided was not up to your expectations, we ask that you contact us within 24 hours as well as take pictures of the work that you were dissatisfied with.  This will help us to better understand the issue and attempt to correct it.  Please note that payment for services is still expected after the service is provided.  If we're unable to correct the situation, a full or partial reimbursement of the service may be possible depending on what the issue was.