"The Crew"

Jeremy Quenneville

Jeremy "Jay", his wife Laura and their daughters Lily and Sophia live in Fairfax.  Together, they manage the day to day operations of Jay's Snow Plowing and provide service calls when time permits.  Jay has been a member of the Vermont National Guard for over 20 years and has done multiple deployments around the world.  He started Jay's Snow Plowing with the desire to change the game of what people expect from a business like snow plowing by making a professional working relationship with every client.  

"Whatever you do, always give 100%.  Unless you're donating blood..."

Laura Quenneville

Laura is a wife and mother.  She has supported Jay's Snow Plowing since it was a mere thought.  Laura has worked at UVM Medical Center for over 13 years as a Respiratory Therapist as well as managing finances and processing accounts.  We know how hard she works as a Frontline worker, which is why we offer this well deserved discount.  

"Every day is a chance to be better"

Peter Leduc

Peter "Pete" has been a friend for years.  He's one of the most genuine people you could ever meet and goes above and beyond for anyone in need.  Pete is a husband and father of two little girls that quite literally are his world.  He's a Veteran that held many titles such as Medic and Special Forces.  For Jay's Snow Plowing, he runs the equipment for contracts and service calls.  He's one of the nicest guys you could meet.  

"WHY AM I YELLING?  I'M NOT, THIS IS HOW I TALK"  "Pete... maybe I should answer the phone next time..."

Danielle Murray

Danielle has served in the Vermont National Guard for over 15 years.  She is a Combat Veteran and has been working with Jay's Snow Plowing since the business began.  Danielle is an equipment operator/maintainer as well as provides estimates for service calls.  Her wealth of knowledge and hard work has been essential in keeping the business running so smooth.

"Wisdom comes from experience.  Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom"

Kris Sample

Kris has recently retired from the military with over 38 years of service and has been a personal friend of Jay for more than 20 of them.  While serving 3 overseas combat deployments together I can personally attest to his hard work and dedication.  Kris is a family man with a wife and two children.  He likes to stay busy and gives everything he does a true 110% effort.

"Kris, go home.  I promise the work will be there tomorrow" 

Tyson Davis

Tyson lengthy resume in Commercial Business maintenance, professional driver, working construction as well as a ton of general experience has made him our ideal next employee.  He's a hard worker who gets excited when it snows.  

"show me once and I can do it"