It's that time of year again... :)


This driveway has potholes and overtime has had a lot of the material removed from years of plowing and settling.  Nearly 30 tons of material was needed to rejuvenate this magnificent property!


The Shur-Pac is still very wet making it look dark.  Once it starts to pack and dry, it will begin to change colors and look much lighter.  

New Driveway Installed

Private road with just grading

Project Rocky Road

Massive rock to remove!

New driveway extension in place of the massive rock.  

Just a small rock to remove...






Before: This looks great until you have to mow around it...

After!  Much easier and a very happy customer!

"Just clear a path for fuel deliver... " and if you're wondering, that is 30 inches of snow in the driveway and uphill   :-/

From Jay VT, the new home owners were desperate for fuel but failed to mention how much snow they had in the driveway.  We always want to help however please don't take advantage of our generosity.