Driveway and Road repair

Snow Plowing

Ice Management

Driveway/Road repair

Winter can be tough on driveways and roads.  Between frost heaves, pot holes or bare spots, we now offer a service that will fit your needs.  This could be as simple as grading or go a little further with added gravel and Shur-Pak.  Did you buy a new RV and need a parking pad to keep it on?  We offer driveway extensions and parking pad options as well!  

Winter Service Options

Our standard service includes cleaning in front of a garage or car port, plowing the driveway (including turn arounds)  and also cleaning in front of your mailbox to make it compliant with postal regulations.  Additional services would include walkway shoveling/snow blowing, calcium chloride or sand treatment for walkways as well as driveway/road sanding.  

Option #1:  You call, text, email or message us through Facebook and we'll add you to our list.  Please note, priority given to customers using option #2 and #3 so you may be delayed in getting service if we're not in your immediate area.

Option #2: Auto-Service.  This is our most popular option and can be done with either automatic payment or one-click billing through email.  With this option, we'll come when the snow depth reaches a 4 inch trigger.  

Option #3: We do an annual contract.  With snow contracts, service is provide much like Option #2 but with payment being made at the start of the season.  See Residential Contracts listed below for more details.  


We are proud to be able to offer not only small driveway sanding/salting but large and private road sanding/salting as well.  If sanding is something you think you would need, we'll be more than happy to include this in our estimate.  For sanding/salting service requests, please message us 12 hours prior to ensure it's available and to give us time to load it on the truck.  

Commercial Contracts

If you own or manage a business, then you know the importance of keeping your parking lot and walkways clear of snow and free of ice.  Jay's Snow Plowing will perform a site visit and give an estimate to meet your needs.  In order to keep your employees and customers safe, we require the use of salt and/or sand to be applied to all parking lots, walk ways and entryways/exits that we maintain.  

Contracts start on December 1st of each year and are valid until April 30th.  Any service required before or after the dates of the contract can be paid for separately "by the call" if desired.  

Residential Contracts

A basic contract for 2022/2023 season price starts for as little as $450!  With a contract, service is provided when we reach a 4 inch trigger (snow depth).  Like all of our services, we will adjust the contract to meet your needs.  What is the advantage of doing a contract vs doing automatic service you might ask?  With this contract you pay the season at a discounted rate.  With our payment protection plan we will pay you back a prorated amount should we not perform at least 10 plows.   If we go over 10 plows, we will only charge 50% of the normal plow rate.  The biggest advantage is not having to worry about how much it's going to cost for snow removal this winter while potentially spending less overall.  It should be noted that sanding is not included in residential contracts at this time but may be requested for an additional fee.

Contracts start on December 1st of each year and are valid until April 30th of the next year (5 months).  Any service required before or after the dates of the contract can be paid for separately "by the call" if desired.  For residential customers, 50% is due by December 1st and the remainder is due no later than February 1st.  

Terms Of Service

All contracts must be paid in the manner listed in the contract.  Failure to do so is breach of contract and may result in services being terminated as well as bills being generated for work provided at a noncontract rate.  If payment is not made within 30 calendar days, we will move forward with legal action.

For Paying by the push/plow, payment is due within 24 hours from the time the invoice is sent.  If payment is not received within 7 calendar days, future services will not be provided.  After 30 calendar days has elapsed, we will move forward with legal action.

Blocked access to a portion of a driveway due to vehicles, equipment, trailers or other items that were not part of a contract or estimate will not be plowed and will be charged at the original full amount.  It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure driveways, roads or any other access remains open to our plows during the time of services.

Liability disclosure:  Please note that Jay's Snow Plowing is not responsible for minor damages to include driveways, roads, gravel, lawns, shrubs/gardens or personal property that is close to areas we service.  We do our best to avoid unnecessary damages however factors such as weather, visibility and snow accumulation can affect our ability to prevent such inconvenient events.