News and updates

Wow!  It's been a month in the making however we FINALLY got Truck number 4 back from the shop.  The list of repair items was long.  It pays to know the right people for the job and I can't thank Bora's Welding and Automotive repair enough for the work they did.  

Repaired Items

Two exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters (2), power steering box, four wheel drive actuator, front brake caliper pins, rear brake pads and rotors, radiator, air bag impact sensor, evap canister, fuel lines, transmission pan repair, spark plugs, plow relay, rear brake lines, rear shocks, rear shock mounts, rear tail lights, transmission mount, cab mounts, brake pressure sensor, all fluids changed

27 hours in labor 

Truck number 4 has just been delivered to the shop to be repaired, outfitted with our equipment and prepped for winter plowing.  I look forward to posting more about this truck soon.  What I will say, is that a lot of work will be done before this truck is ready to go.  Stay tuned!